How to Care for Wood Furniture
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April 3, 2020

While wood furniture can last for generations, its longevity ultimately depends on the type of care it receives. Though our handmade wood furniture doesn’t require much maintenance, being consistent about needed care will help the wood and stain retain their qualities for a long time.

Allow Your Item to Cure

The finish for your wood furniture requires up to 30 days to fully cure. Curing ensures that the finish will be better able to protect the wood from damage. While you can still use your new furniture during this time, you should be careful with it. Use coasters and table pads so hot and heavy items don’t came into direct contact with the wood.

Check Humidity

Wood furniture needs to be kept at the right humidity levels to prevent environmental damage. High humidity areas like the basement should be avoided, as should heat sources that could dry out the wood. Keeping your furniture in rooms with humidity between 35 and 45 percent will prevent shrinking, expansion, cracking, and other problems.

Other Tips

A few everyday practices will keep our handmade wood furniture looking great. Any spills should be blotted up as quickly as possible. Keep dyes and inks away from the finish, as well as cleaners containing bleach, wax, or ammonia. Don’t drag items across the furniture’s surface, as this could scratch it.

As you can see, keeping our handmade wood furniture in great shape doesn’t require too much effort. By following these simple guidelines, your wood furniture will look and perform great for decades to come.