Storage Options for Custom Shelves
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June 27, 2020

When it comes to your household storage needs, shelving is sometimes overlooked. However, at Swiss Valley Furniture, we know what a difference these wood products can make, whether part of a furniture piece or mounted to the walls. 

Shelves Are Versatile

Shelves are extremely versatile, allowing you to get things off the floors or countertops. Pretty much anything can be stored on these wood products, as long as the shelves are placed in the right configuration. When properly designed, they can also contribute to the overall “feel” of the room.

Shelves in Furniture

Many wood furniture pieces include shelving. However, we know that not all homeowners have the same storage requirements with their furniture. To better meet your needs, we adjust our wood furniture for custom storage and shelving configurations. We can hide shelves with doors or leave them exposed. We also can craft built-in shelves and other unique designs.

Freestanding Shelves

In addition to shelf integration in wood products like hutches and TV stands, we also have a few ready-to-install storage shelving items, like our Cubbie Shelf. We can also create custom built-ins like racks and other accessories for clothing. No matter what you need, we can probably help you make it a reality.

No matter where you need shelves, you can count on our expert craftsmanship to maximize your storage space while still looking great.