Craftmanship Still Matters
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March 10, 2020

Peruse Amish furniture reviews online, and you’ll likely find a recurring theme — consistent, high-quality craftsmanship. While there may be cheaper furniture options available, there is a big difference when you buy handmade wood furniture. At Swiss Valley Furniture, craftsmanship still matters.

Low Maintenance

A well finished furniture piece is built to withstand the test of time. As long as liquid spills are wiped up within 24 hours, hardwood is quite durable, lasting for several decades with only occasional cleaning required.

Don’t Forget About Safety

When it comes to furniture that is going to be used by your children, you want to invest in something sturdy. You don’t want a changing table or rocking chair to break apart while your child is using it. Solid wood craftsmanship ensures lasting stability. You can rest assured that your furniture won’t unexpectedly fall apart.

Attention to Detail

Amish craftsmanship is all about the little details. From intricate decorative carvings to meeting your custom specifications and measurements, this attention to detail ensures that you’ll love every aspect of your new furniture.

At Swiss Valley Furniture, our craftsmen take pride in their work. Each handmade wood furniture piece is designed to last for generations. Your family will have no trouble seeing the difference for themselves.