Hardwood Furniture Created in Ohio

Hardwood Furniture Created in Ohio

At Swiss Valley Furniture, we are proud of our Ohio heritage. We are now in our third generation of designing and building solid hardwood furniture, following the same values of integrity and accountability to deliver beautiful, lasting furniture pieces.

Shop Our Showroom

Our 24,000 square foot showroom is the perfect place to check out our hard work for yourself. Conveniently located one mile outside Walnut Creek, our showroom gives you a great opportunity to see and feel before you buy. A showroom visit also makes it easy to place a custom order or plan a dining room table build with one of our expert craftspeople.

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Even if you’re not close enough for a showroom visit, you can still follow us on social media for news and info. We’re active on Facebook and Instagram, where we’re always posting videos and other content highlighting our latest home furniture creations.

Talk to Our Experienced Team

We have a large team of craftspeople dedicated to bringing heirloom quality furniture to life. Whether you prefer a custom piece or a modified item from one of our collections, our friendly team members are always open to help you figure out which options would work best for your family.

Whether you want to stop by our showroom or discuss a project online, we’re always ready to help bring your dream hardwood furniture piece to life. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing selection of quality products!

Understanding Stain, Paint and Glaze Options

Understanding Stain, Paint and Glaze Options

At Swiss Valley Furniture, a big part of our customization comes in the wide variety of finishes available for our wood furniture products. Our finish options include stains, paints, and distressing, all of which can work together to complete the look of your furniture set.

Stain Options

A stain finish is a traditional choice for wood furniture, helping the characteristics of the wood to show through in the finished piece. Stains are available in a wide variety of shades for brown maple, cherry, oak, and other woods, ensuring that the rich grains give each piece a one of a kind look.

Paint Options

Paint finishes provide a more modern look that will bring a splash of color into your home. Wood is a more affordable building material, making it a great choice even if you don’t like the look of natural wood grain. A painted finish gives you the best of both worlds — a modern look with classic durability.


Glazing has become quite popular in recent years, and offers a unique way to paint a finished furniture piece. Glazing gives a flat, one-color paint finish a more distressed or weathered look. This is a great way to give contemporary paint styles an antique feel.

No matter what type of finish you prefer for your wood furniture, our team can make it happen. Visit us today so you can discuss your plans with one of our design specialists, and we’ll help create a one of a kind piece.

Maximize Space with Custom Shelving

Maximize Space with Custom Shelving

To make the most of your home, it is important to use your available space well. Quality shelving will help you organize your home so it doesn’t feel cluttered. This won’t just help your rooms look nicer — it will also help them feel bigger. At Swiss Valley Furniture, our custom shelving will help you maximize your space like never before.

Custom Consultation

Each home is different — and so is each family. The shelving installation that works in one space may be too small or too big for another family. Because of this, the best way to get results that work for you is to visit the Swiss Valley Furniture showroom to talk to a design specialist. Together, we can talk through all the options and determine what will work best for your home’s needs.

Built-Ins or Standalones

Our team can craft a wide variety of wood shelving products to meet your storage needs. This includes standalone furniture like bookshelves, hutches, and dressers, as well as built-in shelving options like lockers and other custom modifications. Visiting our showroom to discuss the details is a great way to determine which of these many options will be the best fit for your space and what you plan to store.

No matter what type of shelving solution you have in mind, you can count on Swiss Valley Furniture’s expert craftsmen to come up with something that looks and performs great. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your space.

Storage Options for Custom Shelves

Storage Options for Custom Shelves

When it comes to your household storage needs, shelving is sometimes overlooked. However, at Swiss Valley Furniture, we know what a difference these wood products can make, whether part of a furniture piece or mounted to the walls. 

Shelves Are Versatile

Shelves are extremely versatile, allowing you to get things off the floors or countertops. Pretty much anything can be stored on these wood products, as long as the shelves are placed in the right configuration. When properly designed, they can also contribute to the overall “feel” of the room.

Shelves in Furniture

Many wood furniture pieces include shelving. However, we know that not all homeowners have the same storage requirements with their furniture. To better meet your needs, we adjust our wood furniture for custom storage and shelving configurations. We can hide shelves with doors or leave them exposed. We also can craft built-in shelves and other unique designs.

Freestanding Shelves

In addition to shelf integration in wood products like hutches and TV stands, we also have a few ready-to-install storage shelving items, like our Cubbie Shelf. We can also create custom built-ins like racks and other accessories for clothing. No matter what you need, we can probably help you make it a reality.

No matter where you need shelves, you can count on our expert craftsmanship to maximize your storage space while still looking great.

Organizing with Bookcases

Organizing with Bookcases

Few furniture pieces compare to a wooden bookcase. After all, bookcases have been the best way to store books for centuries, keeping favorite reads within arm’s reach but still appropriately organized. Our handmade bookcase options allow you to store your collection in style.

Plenty of Design Options

Here at Swiss Valley Furniture, we offer three distinct bookcase design options. The Traditional Style is ornate and detailed, drawing from early American styles with distinct corners and curves in its molding. The Shaker Style uses sweeping curves and lines to create a simple, yet elegant look. Finally, our Mission Style uses clean, straight lines for a more minimalist style.

Handmade Bookcase Sizing

Everyone’s book collection is different — and we offer a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate your needs. Our handmade bookcases range in size from 24” x 26” to 42” x 72”. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to organize your favorites.

Available Upgrades

We have plenty of unique options to upgrade your wooden bookcase. Matching doors, an arched face frame under the crown molding, and a matching wood back can further enhance your bookcase’s style. If you need additional storage space, we can also increase the depth or add extra shelves.

No matter what style or size you prefer for your handmade bookcase, you can have confidence when you buy from Swiss Valley Furniture. Our expert craftsmen will ensure that your new bookcase is exactly what you need for storing your collection.