3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Bedroom Set
Articles > 3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Bedroom Set
March 21, 2020

Much like a living room set, solid wood bedroom furniture looks best when it is part of a matching suite. So, if you are considering upgrading a piece in the bedroom, it’s well worth considering getting a full set. Here’s why.

Enjoy a Matching Style

Your home always looks nicer when you have matching handmade wood furniture. We have several distinct bedroom collections, ranging from the Shaker-inspired Abigail Collection to the contemporary themes of the Allister Collection. Pick your favorite and go all in for a truly upscale look.

Improve Storage With Dressers

More often than not, a walk-in closet isn’t enough to keep your bedroom properly organized. We have a wide range of dressers available to help you make the most of your storage space. Unique drawer and door configurations can even provide room for extra hangers.

Make Custom Modifications

At Swiss Valley Furniture, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft custom modifications based on your individual needs. Whether you want a locking drawer, hidden compartments, special mirror and lighting arrangements, or more, we can make it happen to give you a one-of-a-kind bedroom configuration.

With a matching solid wood bedroom furniture set, you’ll create a cohesive look for one of the most important rooms of the house. With handmade wood furniture, you’ll also have the benefit of heirloom pieces that can be used by your family for generations to come.